1. A paper in short: Control-Flow Integrity

    Control-Flow Integrity - Abadi et al.


    Most of the attacks that do something malicious change the behavior of a target program. I've got to emphasize, we are not talking here about hiding confidential information but rather about protecting from taking control over the machine. In this scenario, if we ...

  2. A paper in short

    Inspired by the morning paper, I'm going to try writing short summaries to the papers I find interesting and important. The posts will be under 500 words long to keep it fast and clean. And it won't be daily --- at best, I can handle one paper per week ...

  3. Black Hat'16: My watchlist

    I may not be a security guy, but this year's Black Hat seems to be very interesting even to me. Here are the presentations I particularly want to watch:

    • A lightbulb worm? A attack on a lightbulb. On a freaking lightbulb. I think, it already makes it worth watching ...

  4. Edge Cloud

    In recent years, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has gained a lot of popularity. The key idea behind NFV is to leverage standard IT virtualization technology to virtualize different classes of network devices and use them as flexible building blocks that can be easily managed. NFV has all chances of becoming ...

  5. Normalize Path without Following Symbolic Links

    Recently I got into a trouble with relative paths used in combination with symbolic links. The situation was following. I have a link:

    /path/to/symlink -> /linked/path

    And I have a file, path to which has to be relative to the symlink:


    The ...

  6. Writing an Activation Script

    Sometimes when working on a project there is a need to temporary change the environment of the shell. One of the options for that is to use a so-called activation script:

    source ./activate.sh

    Activation scripts may not be that common, but they are a convenient tool in some cases ...

  7. Change Nginx Timezone in CentOS

    I recently had an issue with setting up a correct timezone in Nginx logs. A simple googling gave me an answer that I should either set the environmental variable TZ or change the startup script (e.g., for CentOS it's /etc/init.d/nginx). The first one for some ...

  8. Automated Deployment on Every Commit to Master Branch

    A simple and common workflow for deployment of small applications is to pull changes to the server on every commit to the master (especially, if something like Git Workflow is used).

    If done manually and in the most straightforward way, it looks like this:

    • on local machine:
    git commit [...]
    git ...

  9. MindMap of SSE Intrinsics

    SSE intrinsics MindMap

    While working on my thesis I found out that it's really hard to find intrinsic you need from Intel's official guide, especially if you are new in this field.

    In order to be able to handle such amount of information I made a MindMap of ...